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The 2012 Sixteenth International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition

The Sixteenth China International Food Ingredients & Exhibition of the twenty-second national food additive production technology exhibition (FIC2012) on March 28 to March 30 appearanced again with a new look at the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Hall. More than 1,100 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions around the world got together in Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center, exhibits, covering 23 categories of food additives, the 35 major categories of food ingredients and a variety of food processing aids, applied technology, production equipment, testing instruments, packaging materials, books, etc. to provide the industry with a series of products of all varieties and differences in the technical service portfolio. Show to a large lineup of over 70,000 square meters unprecedented, new style, and build the most gorgeous pageant of food additives and ingredients industries!

FIC2012 was focused on serving the food industry,showing the best service, the largest scale, a new look to meet the food industry colleagues to come to the exhibition:


Pragmatic professional: All exhibitors from food additives and ingredients businesses and related services, the exhibits cover the state approved the use of 22 categories of food additives and 35 kinds of food ingredients and a variety of food processing aids, production equipment, instruments, and technical services and so on, is the most professional exhibition in China.


Leading authority: to bring together domestic and international food additives and ingredients industry leader, Fair piece on behalf of the industrys highest technical level, to show the latest scientific research, the formation of the Observatory of the forefront of industry technology development.


Comprehensive and representative of the exhibitors and products: set top manufacturers, outstanding export enterprises of the the Poly domestic industry-wide, industry leading enterprises, health, natural raw materials manufacturers in the show, more than 90% of exhibitors from the manufacturing enterprises, all-round services on the procurement of domestic and foreign trade, to meet different market needs.


Natural and healthy tendency: to meet growing health food market demand, more than 40 percent of the exhibits from natural raw materials and natural extracts to serve healthy food, food quality to enhance the accumulation of momentum.

Expansion of intensive: the face of thousands of suppliers, timely and full understanding of the supplier of information technology updates, to capture changes in the market price, multiple optimal combination of product innovation for enterprises, provide a strong impetus for the sustainable development of enterprises.

Technological innovation: the set of more than academic reports will be close to the business and market demand of new products and technology conference, the superior practicality and forward-looking to help companies grasp the future development, and calmly respond to market challenges and to seize market opportunities.

FIC2012 replay of the 1102 home and abroad exhibiting companies from 27 countries and regions exhibitors, including 242 of the overseas participating companies, joint ventures and domestic exhibitors was reached 860. Professional audience of 82,920 people from 61 countries and regions around the world came to visit. An exhibition, three pavilion, the total exhibition area was 58,000 square meters, increase over the previous 1400 square meters. The international exhibition area increase over the previous 336 square meters. Limited by the exhibition area. There are still 280 companies do not apply to the booth. Seven national pavilions have visitors. An endless stream of international exchange activities. The exhibition covers the "7" 22 major categories of food additives, 35 categories of food ingredients. A variety of food processing aids, and production equipment.

Vertical view, the display size, exhibitors or exhibitors of products, compared with the previous session, there is a more powerful lineup, in addition, during the exhibition will be held in 10 academic reports will be 38 games, exchanges of products and technology conference and four games industry conferences and international organizations.


FIC exhibition in recent years to keep the world open and forward, a significant increase in the number of overseas visitors, the exhibition content has become increasingly diverse, growing popularity and influence, industry manufacturers full participants firmly established Chinas largest professional brand exhibition of food additives and ingredients industry leading position as the food industry awareness of the highest summit of trade and food production professionals for technical exchange platform of trade negotiations can not be replaced.



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