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Scientific use of the preservative in the meat processing

   Chinas current regulations and standards to allow a total of 26 kinds of preservatives used, but for that meat processed foods not only five kinds, 15 kinds of antioxidants, most of them can be used in the meat processing food. It should be said, all included to allow the use of the list of products, are safe and within the scope of use and usage. To determine not only want to use according to production needs, but also according to our eating habits, the daily consumption of food containing the additive does not exceed the ADI, the ADI is a very safe amount, with the largest amount of no effect 100 fold safety factor.

Agent types used in the meat less, not because of security issues, but because of its role in the conditions and the role of environmental issues. For example, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate preservative use at home and abroad up the largest amount of a species, but because it is acidic foods, meat, processed foods can not be used. 26 kinds of preservatives, sorbic acid sodium, sorbic acid, dehydro sodium acetate, is satisfied that it is vancomycin, nisin and other varieties to allow for use in meat products. Also, some species have multiple roles, such as lactic acid, it is an acidity regulator, is a flavoring agent, and inhibit microbial growth. The largest use of preservatives, as well as sodium lactate and other lactate in meat processed foods.

The use of preservatives, there are few errors should be clarified:
Blindly increasing the dosage, the greater the dosage, the better the preservative effect. Such as sorbic acid, potassium sorbate, and dehydrogenation of sodium acetate and other weak acid preservatives, the role of the molecular state, not the ionic state, which means that sorbic acid and dehydrogenation acid, acetic acid at work, while potassium sorbate, The sodium dehydroacetate salts, it is because of its good solubility, sorbic acid and dehydroepiandrosterone acetate is poorly soluble. Potassium sorbate and dehydrogenation of acetic acid sodium dissolved by the ionization equilibrium control, the amount of molecular states remained basically unchanged, so the addition does not work. In addition, additives exceeded the standard was found to substandard products.

How to recognize the natural synthesis. The world trend now is getting back to basics, to promote the return to nature, this tendency and good, but not blindly believe whatever natural is good, whatever synthetic is dangerous. Now, a lot of synthetic things that originally came from nature, such as sorbic acid, cinnamic aldehyde, etc. are the composition of the natural product, the original use are extracted from natural products, but because of the long-term research and practice, people can produced, using the method of chemical synthesis of alternative natural, this is normal. It should be said that the understanding was more the synthetic stuff, from its molecular structure, physicochemical properties are understanding more clearly, therefore, we have emphasized the development of natural food additives, can not be neglected synthesis.

3. on the shelf-life problems. Some manufacturers believe that the role of preservatives in the longer, the longer the shelf life of food. A variety of food, including the requirements to have a shelf life of meat products, national standards, over the shelf life, to the blind pursuit of a long shelf life actually does not make sense. A food shelf life of its color, smell, taste, type has certain requirements, simply engage the save is not bad to the point of view of the long preservation of no practical significance.

Preservative of food including meat preservative, antioxidant, which is a systematic project, not only by the anti-corrosion as a means to solve all the problems. In order to produce qualified products within the warranty period, from the quality control of raw materials, health conditions and quality control of the process to start, reasonable use of the preservative, antioxidant preservative as well as to improve the packaging conditions, only in order to achieve comprehensive management of The preservative effect.

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