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We often say that you want to add a variety of vitamins and minerals, but we do not understand the knowledge of the vitamins and minerals, their lack of knowledge, do not know the human requirement for vitamins and minerals, the role of the human body is, why we must always be to supplement the vitamins and minerals. This has resulted in very blind, so I feel the need to give you some knowledge about vitamins and minerals.


Vitamin is a daily diet of the basic nutritional elements necessary for the body. Vitamins like carbohydrates, protein and fat to sustain life as play a key role to play, and with the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat in the body of the effectiveness of the body of the basic physiological activities need vitamin auxiliary.

Nature, a total of 13 kinds of vitamins, and each has its own unique role in the body. For example, the formation of new blood cells help the body to help the intake of sugar and fat into energy for the body uses the formation of the hormone or the wound to stop bleeding and repair the skin.

Vitamin only when its structural integrity in order to exert their effects. Because of its easy to heat, light and chemical action damage, and therefore need to be handled with care when cooking and processing.

Vitamins can be divided into two categories, namely, fat-soluble and water-soluble. Vitamin to be absorbed by the body, transit storage and secretion when its solubility is an important determinant. Fat-soluble vitamins are absorbed into the bodys lymphatic system and protein carrier transport can be stored and accumulated in the adipose tissue. Water-soluble vitamins are usually the direct absorption into the blood system for use, the excess part is excreted and will not be saved.

Minerals are pure inorganic elements, usually the most simple chemical form. Unlike vitamins as by a variety of elements to form complex organic compounds. Now known to have 16 kinds of minerals beneficial to the body. Processing according to the characteristics of minerals, unlike vitamins as easily damaged, inorganic characteristics make it sometimes difficult to be the body absorb minerals, and in cooking easily soluble in water loss.

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