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The role of trace elements and amino acids

Appropriate combination of amino acids, proteins can not exist. From the largest animals to the most insignificant micro-organisms are made up of proteins. Moreover, the protein in different forms to participate in life-sustaining chemical reaction.

Pigeons the bodys muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, feathers and body fluids (bile and urine) by the protein composition. Bone growth and development needs such as proteins, enzymes, hormones, genes also contain various types of protein. Remove the water, the protein accounted for the largest part of the body weight. Therefore, the protein needs of the body to health is very important.

In order to create a complete lack of protein, must contain the various elements of the amino acids of this protein. Protein requirement due to health status, age and other factors vary. In fact, the size of Japanese young pigeons, need more protein.


 Different varieties kind of  necessary amino acids:

● Taurine - to protect the heart and brain 
Cardiac muscle, white blood cells, bone and central nervous system, can be found in high concentrations of taurine. This amino acid to help digest fat, heart problems, hypoglycemia, and the constituent units of all the amino acids. It is bile a major component of bile to help digest fats, absorption of fat-soluble cellulose and control serum cholesterol.


● histidine - to maintain growth and digestion

Histidine for growth, tissue repair, ulcers, digestive and gastric juice, are important. It helps the treatment of allergies, anemia and other diseases, the manufacture of red blood cells, white blood cells, require this amino acid. Histamine histidine, and are usually released from cells as an immune response.

● tryptophan - regulation of nerve

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, vitamin B6, niacin and magnesium, along with the role of the brain, nerve conduction of the compound in the manufacture of blood ammonia, as the exchange of information between the biochemical mechanism of the brain with a sleep. Help to reduce sensitivity to pain and pain relief.

● methionine - lipid-lowering, detoxification is a good helper

Methionine can not be formed in the body must get from food or nutritional supplements. It assisted lipolysis, and prevention of liver and artery fat accumulation, fat will impede blood flow to the brain, heart and kidney. This amino acid to help the digestive system to relieve the toxicity of hazardous substances with other substances, the role to help the muscles of the failure, and chemical allergies and calcium deficiency also has an interest. Cysteine ​​and taurine synthesis in the body, the need to rely on methionine.


● lysine - promote growth and repair

Lysine is the construction of the human protein is extremely important essential amino acids, can promote the growth and development, tissue repair and production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes. It can reduce or prevent the occurrence of herpes simplex infection, and manufacture of energy, fatty acids can be normal use.

● arginine - the necessity of the strong pigeon

Arginine is essential amino acids, ornithine, phenylalanine, and other neurological chemical element with the role of synthesis and secretion of pituitary growth hormone to maintain the normal function of the pituitary gland. Arginine need of male pigeons, especially, it can increase the number of sperm, help to enhance immune response and wound healing, help savings to be in the bodys fat metabolism and build muscle tissue.

● phenylalanine - pain medicine

Phenylalanine in the control of pain, joint pain, is very effective. It was all amino acid composition of units, this amino acid can increase the psychological alertness, appetite suppressants.

● tyrosine - the treatment of depression medicine

Tyrosine can produce a variety of transmission of nerve impulses to objects by the brain to manufacture norepinephrine and to assist the memory. In the central nervous because of the role of this amino acid to make the pigeons mental activity, but also to reduce pain.

● serine - the maintenance of body protein balance

The Serine help to maintain body protein balance. Its collagen and elastin synthesis is very important, but also when it is combined with aspartic acid and methionine, can help the liver function play a role. The heart, central nervous system, bones contain this amino acid.

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