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Normal without the need to supplement protein powder

Experts have warned that the protein powder protein intake there are some differences due to the persons age, weight, and labor intensity, not everyone is suitable to supplement protein powder, fill it improperly will not only increase the liver, kidney burden, but also to make the loss of calcium in the body, resulting in osteoporosis. "Gifts in particular, depends on the other side the liver, kidney function is normal, or else sent Fortunately, send Debu right to harm others." The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College of nutrition nutritionist has Castle Peak said.

According to Zeng Castle Peak, each of the normal human body contains tens of thousands of proteins, they are the most important biological molecules, almost all life activities require their participation. But the protein in food by the body directly use them in the stomach to be digested into amino acids, then absorbed by the body. Protein in the human body is under the guidance of the gene, synthesis of amino acids. The ultimate source of amino acids in the body is the protein in food. Therefore, the protein in food can not be human direct use, but they are generated by the decomposition of amino acids but is to build human protein essential materials.

For this reason, the protein is an essential nutrient, every day we have to supplement it. But not as much need to add that, on the recommendation of the Chinese Dietary Reference Intake, the adult per day of protein intake is 65 grams to 90 grams. Normal diet, this amount is not difficult to achieve. If you eat every day with these high-quality protein foods, eggs, milk, meat, tofu, so basically not a lack of protein - to eat an egg can be added about 6 grams of protein, drink a cup (250 ml) of milk can be added 8 g protein , while eating 100 grams of chicken, pig meat, tofu, respectively, can add 19 grams, 17 grams, 8 grams of protein. Therefore, we have every day As long as we diversified food, can meet the protein needs of the human body.


Lead to malnutrition because of the lack of protein called protein-calorie nutritional deficiency (PEM) PEM in urban areas, mainly caused by the disease and improper feeding, usually only appear in inappropriate dieting, the partial eclipse, anorexia, vegetarian and poor normal general lack of protein. "has been Aoyama said.


Needs of special populations such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, health groups, growth and development of children and youth, other than the essential amino acids in addition to dietary supplements, can also be the appropriate choice of protein powder as a protein supplement, but must pay attention to the protein the amount of powder.

Castle Peak had introduced proteins in vivo metabolic product of ammonia, urea, creatinine and other nitrogenous compounds excreted through the kidneys, too much protein will increase the liver, kidney burden, adversely affect the human body. Too much protein, especially animal protein intake, is equally harmful to the human body, can increase the load on the kidneys, renal insufficiency, more dangerous. Can also cause excessive sulfur amino acid intake can accelerate bone calcium loss, damage, bone health, easy to produce osteoporosis.

In addition, the need to be reminded that our protein supplement at the same time and pay attention to the supplementary carbohydrates (sugars), lipids, vitamins and minerals. Because the lack of these nutrients will not only affect the utilization and metabolism of proteins, at the same time can cause some diseases, is not conducive to health.

In general, pregnant and lactating adults need to increase the physiological protein populations, it is recommended to add some additional protein. Pregnancy early can increase on the basis of the normal intake of 5g (equivalent to add the eggs one); increase in mid-pregnancy, 15g (equivalent to about one egg, milk, 250 ml, nuts 15 g); increase in late pregnancy, 20g (equivalent to about one egg, milk, 250 ml, 15 g nuts, meat, 25 g) lactation increases 20g (equivalent to about egg, 250 ml milk, 15 g nuts, meat, 50 g).

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