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Do not confuse yogurt and yogurt drink

Taijiang Trade and Industry Bureau recently issued consumer tips: the yogurt is an all ages food, more and more consumers to buy yogurt, consumers should carefully distinguish between the yogurt and yogurt drinks.

The Taijiang TIB consumer tips that, yogurt is made ​​from pure milk by lactic acid fermentation product, keeping all the nutrients in milk, and yogurt drinks in the milk by adding water, sugar and additives, protein, fat content is low, typically only the equivalent of 1/3 of the yogurt, but also contain additives, and easily lead to the children anorexia. When you purchase to see the product label yogurt or yogurt drinks.

The Taijiang Trade and Industry Bureau, said consumers buy yogurt, also pay attention to the following four points:

Yogurt products with short shelf life, generally a week, and need to be preserved under 2 ℃ -6 ℃, so buy the yogurt should be a few times.

Label logo on product packaging should be a complete list of ingredients and product composition tables in order to differentiate the product is pure milk or flavored yogurt, or fruit material yogurt, choose varieties suited to your taste, based on the product ingredient list the amount of fat content, choose the products they need.

Third, choose the larger, better product quality and service quality products of well-known enterprises. Large-scale production enterprises more stringent quality control of raw materials, advanced production equipment, a higher level of enterprise management, product quality has also been guaranteed.


Consumers in the purchase of the product, edible should be carefully tasting products, yogurt should be made ​​of pure lactic acid fermentation agent of yoghurt unique odor, no alcoholic fermentation smell, musty, and other extraneous bad smell.

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