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Erythritol in the calcium

  At present, the population in need of calcium supplements for children, the elderly and pregnant women. The sugar content of calcium on the market, and sucrose-based; CaCO3 as the main raw material of calcium poor taste, however, reduce the proportion of calcium carbonate, it is not easy to play the role of calcium. Erythritol is a natural fermentation product, is a new type of sugar alcohols in food sweetener, low energy, low moisture absorption from dental caries and its special characteristics of the physiological metabolism. In some European countries and Japan has been applied to food, health care products. Erythritol production capacity and scale of production in the international community is increasingly expanding, and by the WHO and FDA approval allows for use in food, and China also allow its use as a food additive.

  Erythritol added to the calcium can not only improve the taste, cover up the smell, but with superior physical and chemical properties and metabolic properties, is a good substitute for calcium in sucrose. Erythritol calcium products in the international market has been more and more, while the domestic market, adding erythritol of calcium in the blank, so erythritol for calcium in the broad prospects for the domestic market.

 Erythritol is a new biotechnology production of fermented low-calorie sweetener, with a low calorific value, crystalline, good taste, low moisture absorption, caused by dental caries, diabetes, security, heat and acid is very stable, not fermented and does not cause stomach upset, in the conventional food processing conditions, not browning and decomposition of the advantages [2]. Erythritol zero calorific value of ingredients, taste similar to sucrose, metabolic heat, but close to zero.

    With the continuous improvement of peoples living standard, self-care awareness is growing, the calcium becomes more and more attention. Many calcium varieties currently on the market, the quality varies greatly, blindly calcium is bound to be counterproductive.


    Due to our eating habits and food supply problems, the peoples dietary calcium intake is low, reached only half of the supply (RDA) [7] Chinese Nutrition Society recommended, calcium deficiency has become a serious problem for the health of our people.


    Hypocalcemia can affect tissue excitability, causing neuromuscular excitability is too high, the occurrence of seizures, convulsions. Long-term extremely low blood calcium, teeth, skeletal dysplasia, the occurrence of rickets, osteomalacia, low peak bone mass to accelerate the occurrence and progression of osteoporosis resulting in fractures. Visible children, pregnant women, lactating women, and some adult appropriate calcium supplement is necessary.


    Erythritol is not enzymatic degradation is not involved in glucose metabolism, does not lead to blood sugar changes in the characteristics for calcium suitable for patients with diabetes need calcium consumption; Erythritol instead of cane sugar made from low-energy value of calcium in the calcium, for need calcium obesity, patients with hypertension and cardiovascular patients eat; in the intestinal metabolic characteristics of Erythritol calcium suitable for gastrointestinal function to tune the crowd eating; use of its anti-dental caries function, made erythritol sugar alcohols calcium oral health benefits, suitable for young children need calcium.

    In the tabletting process, regardless of the freeze-drying process, the technology of solid-state solution, or spray drying preparation of a certain hardness, strong instant, the good appearance of the skeleton material. Erythritol is the crystallization products of the fermentation products, high hardness, low molecular weight, good instant can be used as the reinforcing material. Erythritol has a high heat of solution, the entrance of fresh, sweet sense of close to sucrose, can better the weakening of some excipients in the tablet sand sense, when consumption will give oral brought cool comfort.


    Erythritol and drugs, health care products in the functional material with stirring under anhydrous conditions, the tablet can mask the bitter taste and bad taste of the functional material; Erythritol moisture absorption is very weak, which can solve the pressure The contradiction between hygroscopicity and playing piece in the film process. Therefore, it is a good flavoring agent in pharmaceuticals, health products industry.

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