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Stevioside and liquor

 In recent years, low alcohol wine, ingredients wine, wine, rice wine on the market increasingly welcomed by consumers, and as a new natural food sweeteners and flavoring agent, stevioside, is gradually being wine production enterprises widespread attention in Korea shochu, sake in Japan and abroad, low alcohol wine, wine history has reached twenty years old.


Stevioside features: stevioside from the herb Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, Asteraceae fine to mention a high sweetness, low-calorie natural sweetener. Safe, no side effects. Stevia as a food additive used in the consumption of industrial countries have revised stevioside standard (GB8270-l999) confirmed in 1999.


Stevia also has health care is a good health sweetener with foreign food experts and medical experts, clinical trials confirm that the products of sugar diabetes, high blood pressure have a certain effect on obesity, cardiovascular disease, gastritis oral diseases, hyperacidity and also a certain role of adjuvant therapy.


Two in the wine: replace synthetic chemical sweeteners such as saccharin: Ministry of Health, the saccharin used in the preparation of wine up to use the amount shall not exceed 0.15/kg other chemical synthetic sweeteners must be limited by the provisions, while stevioside not limited to use one of the sweeteners, the processing can be added according to actual demand. The same time, chemical synthetic sweetener Chen after a bitter taste in the problem. Therefore, the natural sweetener stevioside can be used to replace saccharin seasoning for a variety of wine, in order to improve the bitterness brought about by the use of saccharin.


Reduce the solids content. Liquor processes generally use rock sugar, honey wine, seasoning, which makes liquor solids content increased. High multiples of stevia sweetness, minimal dosage, can greatly reduce the solids content of the wine, so that the solids content in the body lower than the standard (0.40 g / l). Part of the sucrose can be used stevia instead of sugar champagne, wine, wine, rice wine and other alcoholic beverage prepared preparation can eliminate sucrose excess caused by the strong and sweet sense of cool and refreshing, can make products, especially the high sweetness The wine is more obvious. Stevioside preparation of the liquor, cool and refreshing, sweet persistence, the use of stevioside can be suppressed low-alcohol wine rough spicy.


Third, the reference to dosage and application: physical and chemical indicators of liquor more stringent applicable 0.01-0.05g/kg experiments confirmed and foreign reports of a number of liquor manufacturers, stevia replace the optimal replacement rate of sucrose 10% -40%, it will give the alcohol increase alcohol, clear spicy flavor, improve flavor, reduce viscosity, refreshing taste of the role is more significant. Furthermore, if the demand in the beer, appropriate to add stevia can make the beer foam more durable white.

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