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How to use Acesulfame K in dairy products

With the progress of the production process, dairy products, flavoring, food sweetener has become an integral part of the processing. The demand for dairy products is also growing. Acesulfame K is very applicable to such products, the sweetener. Dairy products in the most important thing is to increase the sweet fruit yogurt. Acesulfame either alone or mixed with other sweeteners are very suitable for sweetening yogurt. Added to the yogurt, fruit products, carbohydrates such as sucrose or sugar to improve the stability, especially the role of fructose flavor.


Condensation and mixing yogurt can easily use the sweetener Acesulfame K. But layered fruit yogurt, add sweetener, remember fruit products containing sweeteners and sucrose sweetened fruit products, their nature is different. Therefore, before eating to ensure that the fruit layer a state of separation is very important, usually through the selection of these products in the storage period, the taste of acesulfame K to maintain stability can be. In addition, Acesulfame K has a strong synergistic effect, and thus added to the yogurt mixed sweeteners Acesulfame K, making their products rich in flavor, taste particularly good. Of course, add sweeteners Acesulfame K mixed, should be considered to the processing and storage conditions on each component to be properly adjusted.

The smell of milk and cocoa, the characteristics of such products, the stability requirements of the sweetener is very strict. Acesulfame K, the stability of all sweeteners are the best, the ability of high temperature above 200 ℃, the pure product in 10 years without any decomposition phenomena, PH2-10 with other food ingredients or additive occurred response. Therefore, it is recommended to be used alone the Acesulfame ensure the quality of these products. Of course, you can also use acesulfame K and stability of the sweetener mix. Acesulfame K can withstand pasteurization and ultra heat treated without loss of sweetness. In the meantime, the sweetness will not be affected by ultra heat treated products to keep several weeks at room temperature. Below is a fruit milk, Acesulfame K and other raw materials, the use of indicators. Strawberry milk: whole milk 0.3 0.6 emulsion of 20 the AK white sugar 30 candy sugar 0.2 sodium cyclamate 1.0 citric acid 3.5 Sodium Citrate 0.3 Category B in malt phenol 30PPM FA-17 / l stabilizer 3.6 strawberry flavor.

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