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Some effects of Acesulfame-K

Acesulfame K is a chemical derived from acetoacetic acid, acesulfame K (or acesulfame potassium) adds sweetness to foods without calories or fat. It is 200 times food sweeter than table sugar and is marketed as as Sweet One and Sunett. The human body cannot metabolize it, making it calorie-free. The Food and Drug Administration has approved its use as a general-purpose sweetener.


Many activists argue that the studies supporting acesulfame K’s safety are unreliable. The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a nonprofit health advocacy group, leads the campaign for more research on acesulfame K(food additives). They point out that the FDA based is recommendations on several studies conducted in the 1970s, two of which were inconclusive.


Methylene chloride is used as a solvent in the manufacturing of acesulfame K. In other industries, methylene chloride is most often used as a paint stripper, a degreaser and as a propellant agent. It has applications in the food industry, such as decaffeinating coffee and tea.


Acesulfame K stimulates the release of insulin and exacerbates feelings of low blood sugar. As with other artificial sweeteners, it may confuse your body’s satiety signals and cause you to eat more. It also may trigger cravings for excessively sweet products so that healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables are less palatable and satisfying.


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