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Acesulfame-K During Pregnancy

Acesulfame-K is considered as one of the safest artificial food sweetener. It was discovered in 1967 and was approved by the FDA within the year 1988. Because of its high stability, it truly is used in preparing several baked item and is known for other beneficial uses too. In pregnancy several women try to cut down calories. Hence, they concentrate on sweets that have artificial sweetener which means they’re fat free or low calorie products. This makes them indulge in the artificial sweeteners. Usually, these sweetener are not bad for health, but as excess of anything is bad, daily or excess use of these sweetener can take you to many health complications. Similarly, acesulfame-K can take you to some side effects if taken in excess.


Acesulfame-K is deemed safe by the FDA specially for children, pregnant women and breast feeding women. However, there are not much research done in order to prove that Acesulfame K is totally safe for pregnant women. Hence, its necessary to consult the doctor before using the products which include Acesulfame-K. You can find numerous other side effect also, which can turn out to be the matter of concern for some individuals, but if consumed in a limited quantity it truly is totally safe. It need to not be included in every meal and ought to not be taken on regular bases. If a pregnant women observes some allergic reactions, then she need to stop the intake of this product and really should take medical assist immediately.


Though Acesulfame-K is approved by the FDA, you’ll find some of the acesulfame dangers, which need to be considered so as to avoid complications. Following are some of the common side effects of Acesulfame-K which may be observed if this compound is taken in a greater amount. As we know acesulfame just gives sweetness to the products but it is not absorbed by the body. This means its molecules are not broken down or are not metabolized by the body. This may hamper the metabolic rate which may further result in the inability of the body to metabolize other food products. Excess intake of Ace K by diabetic patient may result within the excess production of insulin which may cause hypoglycemia.Greater amount of Acesulfame-K may also result in breast and lung cancer.


 Although the studies are still on and there is no significant proof about it, the studies conducted on rats reveal the development of cancerous cells. Headaches, dizziness, visual disturbances, depression, nausea, are some of the other side effects.The side effect enlisted above are the common side effects which can be observed in any person who take a higher amount of Acesulfame-K. Hence, it is usually better to consult a doctor before having these products in the diet, specially when you might be expecting a baby. Pregnant women should use honey for sweetening instead of using any artificial sweetener. In the event you want to have sweet products which contain Acesulfame-K then have it in a limited amount. Satisfy your taste bud but do not make it a habit of having products made up of Acesulfame-K.


Well, by now you’d have understood that though Acesulfame-K is approved by the FDA and is considered safe during pregnancy, it truly is better to take it occasionally. Avoid its daily intake and try to maintain a healthy diet without the usage of artificial sweetener so as to avoid its side effects during pregnancy

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