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Side effects of Acesulfame-k in your life

Acesulfame-k is one of the several artificial food sweeteners which form a basic ingredient of products such as yogurt, soft drinks, gums, etc. It truly is a product of Acetoacetic acid. It really is known to be 180 – 200 times sweeter than table sugar and adds sweetness to foods without calories or fat. In 1967, German chemist Karl Clauss did an accidental discovery of this stuff and later, it came into use as sugar substitute in the United States within the year 1988.


Despite of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approving the Acesulfame-K as a sweetener for general purpose, there have been arising several speculations regarding its safety. According to critics, this substance has not undergone thorough studies regarding its different properties, which may pose potential threats to health. The speculations which have been raised against the safety of this product, are however, based on animal testing, as testing on humans have limited scope.


Any natural product, when processed has effects and side effects, of which if the side effects are overshadowing the benefits, one needs to raise concerns. So here are some acesulfame-k dangers. This is because a human body cannot metabolize these calorie free drinks.A research done lengthy back on this particular sweetener’s effects on female rats had ambiguous results, with a claim that the rats which were tested with this sweetener had higher chances of developing breast tumors. This research was carried out by Center for Science in the Public Interest, and the inconclusive results are still disputable today, on whether this sweetener is any very good for health, despite the fact that FDA has approved of it as a general purpose sweetener. During the manufacture of acesulfame potassium, methylene chloride is used as a solvent, which otherwise is used in other commercial applications like paint stripper, degreaser and propellant gas. Its use inside the food industry is contentious, and exposure to this chemical compound over a prolonged period of time can result in headaches, liver complications, mental confusion, cancerous developments, visual impairment and renal diseases. In some medical conditions, it has been observed that folks tend to suffer from allergic reactions too.For diabetic individuals, the normal sugar is actually a NO-NO. So people tend to use this sweetener as a taste enhancer. Although acesulfame-K stimulates insulin secretion, in extreme cases, it can cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) which is even far more dangerous. This can happen when the body ends up secreting far more insulin, and the craving for sweet food increases, causing the person to loose appetite for a healthy diet. This is one of the main acesulfame-K side effects.


So these were some of the acesulfame-K side effects. Although it has a green signal from the FDA, to be used as a general purpose sweetener, one must take care, when going for the brands. However, there haven’t been several cases of side effects and also it is quite safe to be consumed by pregnant women. One can use it in appropriate amounts and at the same time need to not compromise on a healthy diet. So the bottom line is in spite of its side effects, it could be consumed.

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