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Sugar and food additive phosphate are both important biological molecules and are also components of diet. In the typical American diet, you get plenty of both in a variety of foods and don need to supplement with either. Cells require both sugar and phosphate to maintain normal biological function. Most people think of table sugar -- a chemical called sucrose -- upon hearing the word "sugar." However, there are many kinds of sugars.


You need sugar in your diet and in your body to maintain normal function. Sugar is a rich source of energy, and your cells burn it for fuel. They also use it to make glycogen, which is stored carbohydrate energy, explain Drs. Reginald Garrett and Charles Grisham in their book "Biochemistry." Too much sugar, however, is unhealthy for your teeth and can lead to cavities. Your cells can also convert excess sugar into body fat, meaning that a diet high in added sugars can lead to weight problems.


Phosphate is an ion -- a food additive -- with the chemical formula PO4. Its important to normal cellular function, both as a component of biomolecules and as a participant in a variety of chemical reactions. DNA and RNA both have phosphates as part of their structures. Phosphate also forms part of the buffer system inside cells, which helps a cell maintain the appropriate acidity level.


According to Oregon State Universitys Linus Pauling Institute, phosphates (Foodchem) are easy to get in food because they e so prevalent in living organisms. Its rare to have a phosphate deficiency, provided you e eating enough food. While some nutritionists worry that too many phosphates in the diet -- in sodas, for instance -- might decrease bone health, theres no evidence that yet suggests adverse effects on bones by high phosphate intake. Regardless, phosphate-rich sodas aren a healthy component of diet, and you should consume them in moderation.

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