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Are Phosphates in Soda Unhealthy?

Phosphates as a food additives in your diet can come from soda, which sometimes contains phosphoric acid, an additive manufacturers use to enhance flavor. Colas typically have a high phosphate content, and regular consumption might have unhealthy effects. Other typical cola ingredients, such as sugar and caffeine, contribute to its negative effects on health, so choose more nutritious beverages, such as skim milk, low-sugar fruit juices or plain water, whenever possible.


Phosphoric acid isn unhealthful because its acidic. Many types of drinks contain acids, which provide a pleasant tartness. For example, citrus juices contain citric acid, and noncarbonated drinks often contain fumaric acid.


Drinking too much cola can lead to unsafe levels of phosphates in the blood, according to MedlinePlus. The organization says those who have Addisons disease, severe lung or heart disease, thyroid problems, or kidney or liver disease are at heightened risk for elevated phosphate levels from phosphate salt intake. Most people won have any negative effects from consuming phosphate salts occasionally, but regular, long-term use might upset chemical balances in the body.


Phosphates in cola products decrease the availability of the iron you obtain from your diet. Consequently, if you are iron-deficient, phosphates in cola might worsen the problem. Many other factors can decrease iron absorption as well, including coffee, tea, calcium and fiber consumption, so discuss your diet and medical condition with your doctor to determine if the amount of cola you drink is problematic and to find out if you should take iron supplements.


Phosphoric acid in cola might have adverse effects on bone mineral density in older women, according to a study in the October 2006 issue of "The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition." The researchers say the effect cola appears to have might be due to phosphorus or caffeine intake leading to decreased bone density, a corresponding decrease in nutritious beverage intake or a combination of various factors. The researchers note that the effect of phosphoric acid on bone density requires further investigation.

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