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The usage of Natural pigments and chemical pigment

Natural pigments and chemical pigment used as food Colorants. Natural pigments derived from natural products, mainly extracted from plant tissue, and also includes some pigment derived from animals and microorganisms. Chemical pigment is an organic pigment obtained using synthetic chemical methods, mainly separated aniline dyes coal tar as the raw material. Very long period of time the food additives reporting process, because people do not realize the dangers of chemical pigment and synthetic pigments and natural pigments compared with bright color, strong coloring, stable and cheap, many countries in the food processing industry, the common use of synthetic pigment.


With the social development and peoples living standards improve, more and more people will use synthetic pigment for use in food for human health. At the same time, a large number of research reports that almost all synthetic pigment can provide nutrients to the body, some synthetic pigment even be bad to human health. Eating dim sum, fast food lunch, tasty hot dogs, glance at the fine print on the packaging food nutrition table, you will find that each food has its additive components. It is understood that the trans fats, refined grain products, the four components of the salt, high fructose corn syrup is most common in processed foods, and these types of ingredients endanger human health.


Some excessive hazards, such as: citric acid, stevia, aspartame sweet, sodium cyclamate, Finland white pigment, vanillin, ethyl maltol, potassium sorbate ... basically there is no harm, as long as it is added The Debu excessive.

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