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Neotame is an artificial sweetener

Neotame is an artificial sweetener. Neotame is attractive to food manufacturers in the world. Because of the Neotame is a fewer sugar calories and a lower impact on blood sugar. Neotame, the culmination of over 20 years of research, is an exciting new sweetener that provides Neotame manufacturers flexibility in formulating great tasting products throughout their existing food and beverage portfolios. In addition, neotames versatility provides for the development of entire new ranges of products that meet the ever-increasing demands of clients.


Neotame was approved by the FDA for general use in July 2002, and has become a classified E number E961. But it is not yet widely used in food products. However, neotame and sucralose are the only two artificial sweeteners were as safety sweeteners. Now, the people take more and more attentions on the Neotame. If you want to buy our safety Neotame products, you can leave messages on our website, or sent email to us to get the Neotame price. Fooding Group Limited is really a Neotame supplier in China. It can ensure the quality and has a cometitive Neotame price for every client.

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