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Guar gum manufacturer in China

According to the requirements of the Guar gum finally product, a variety of processing techniques were used in guar seed.In China, guar gum commercial production usually performed during use of calcined differential wear, sieving and polishing.


The guar seeds of grinding and screening to obtain a guar gum. Guar gum is economical, because it has almost eight times the thickening water effectiveness than corn starch - only a very small amount, sufficient viscosity of manufacturing is required for guar gum. Therefore, it can be used in the various multiphase recipe: as an emulsifier and thickener, as it helps prevent the oil droplets from the merge, and as a stabilizing agent, because it helps to prevent the sedimentation of the solid particles.


The manufacturing stage of the food grade guar gum from guar gum manufacturer in China. This is very important in this process - guar split. The splitting filters to clean it, and then soaked into it in a double cone mixer prehydrolysis. The pre hydrolysis stage is very important, because it determines the hydration rate of the final product. Guar gum powder food grade quality refers to its particle size, the rate of hydration, and microbial content. E412 guar gum is an important natural food supplement, has a high nutritional value.


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