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Sodium Saccharin supplier in China

Sodium Saccharin is the oldest sweetener. Saccharin was discovered by American scientists in 1878, and was soon accepted by the food industry and consumers. Saccharin sweetness of sucrose 300 to 500 times, it is not absorbed by the human body metabolism, are stable in the food production process. The drawback is poor flavor, after the bitter, which it has limited application. Saccharin sodium organic chemical synthesis products, food additives instead of food, in addition to cause a feeling of sweet taste, no nutritional value to the human body. On the contrary, when you eat more saccharin, will affect the normal secretion of stomach digestive enzymes, reduce the absorption capacity of the small intestine, so that the loss of appetite.


Sodium Saccharin is widely used in the following industries:
1. Food: general cold drinks, jelly, popsicles, pickles, preserves, cakes, preserved fruits, protein, sugar and so on. Sweetened diet used in the food industry and diabetes, the widespread use of synthetic sweet ignorance agent.
2. Feed additives: pig feed, sweet, etc.
3. Chemical industry: toothpaste, shoop saliva, eye drops, etc.


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