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Wall Street Journal recognizes PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland and Archer Daniels Midland has been selected as a runner in the Wall Street Journal 2012 Technology Innovation Award.

Be recognized in the process of materials and other basic technology class commercial deployment, renewable materials into a propylene glycol partners.

Propylene glycol is a chemical substance, in ordinary household products used around the world, traditional oil.

The new process, called propylene glycol from renewable energy, ADM in the development and authorization of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

It is now being used in the production of renewable energy-based industrial and pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol in the newly built production facilities near company headquarters in Decatur, Illinois,

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and ADM also federal laboratory Union jointly won the award for excellence in technology transfer and R & D100 Award PNNL process, the role from the laboratory to the market, and most recently by the characteristics of the Association of University Technology Managers 2012 better world Report.

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