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Xanthan gum usage
Xanthan gum is the glue that holds our baked goods together by performing a function similar to gluten. Xanthan gum also acts an emulsifier by helping the water and oil stay together once they’re blended. Xanthan is a thickener derived from a type of bacteria. Xanthan gum generally costs almost 3 times as much as guar gum. Xanthan gum can be used to thicken or stabilize liquids, suspensions or emulsions.

Xanthan gum should be used as a thickener. There are several different ways to use Xanthan gum. How to use is define what tou want to do. Xanthan gum is used for lowering blood sugar and total cholesterol in people with diabetes. It is also used as a laxative as a medical.

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