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There are several carrageenan, different chemical structure and performance, so in their use. Carrageenan, called iota of commercial interests, kappa and lambda. In the original method, seaweed residue was filter, and then carrageenan is recovery solution, and ultimately become a dry solid contain few than others carrageenan.

Seaweed is washing to remove sand, salt and other impurities. Then heating water containing alkali, such as sodium hydroxide, a few hours, time depends on the algae are extracted and the pilot test before, or experience. The solution is then filtered again, in a pressure filters using filter aid, help prevent filter cloth be fined, gelatinous particles. In this stage, the solution contains 1 - carrageenan and this is usually concentrated to 2 - the vacuum distillation and ultrafiltration.

Semi-refined carrageenan (SRC) refers to the products produced by the second method of dealing with pointed out that in section 7.1. This is the method carrageenan is never really from seaweed extract. Production of SRC, Kappaphycus alvarezii, contained in a metal basket, heating potassium hydroxide alkaline solution about two hours.

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