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Pectin used as a thickening agent

Pectin is mainly used as a gelling agent, but also can be used as bonding agent and thickener, water stabilizer. The key feature is that it formed jelly and jam type gel in the presence of sugar and acid, and then used to Gail all kinds of food, medicine, cosmetics. Use including candy, high sugar jellies, jams, fruit sauces, marmalades and acid milk beverage.

Pectin is produced ripe fruit and help mature fruit remain strong. As fruit overripens, pectin down into simple sugar and fruit lost its shape and become soft. Pectin can form gel, and be used to some drugs and cosmetics and making jelly.

Pectin production depends on the type of pectin required. The first three steps for each pectin extraction standard. Our officle linkedin is Fooding Group Limited.

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