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Food Grade Xanthan Gum 80mesh and 200mesh
Xanthan gum is produced from glucose,sucrose and lactose. It is used as a food thickening agent, but it also has other usages. Xanthan gum can pervent ingredients from separating.

Food grade xanthan gum mainly used in food producing. Xanthan gum is often found in salad, sauces, frozen foods, beverages and so on. When we eat ice cream in summer, how we happy. But do you know, icecream also has food grade xanthan gum. Now, you will find food grade xanthan gum is really in our daily life. In 1968, xanthan gum is accepted as a food additives in USA, Canada, Europe, and other countries. It is really a long time for using food grade xanthan gum.

From the food grade xanthan gum, you maybe find xanthan gum has other use area, such as oil drilling grade, cosmetics grade and so on. But only from food grade, xanthan gum also has different types. In Fooding, it has food grade xanthan gum 80mesh and food grade xanthan gum 200mesh. It is separating by the particle size of xanthan gum. You can sent email to Fooding for more detail informations.

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