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Thickening agent usage and safety
Thickening agent widely used in food, cosmetics, detergents, paint, adhesives, printing and dyeing, rubber, pharmaceutical, oil industry and other fields.

Except to consider when the choice products of liquidity, transparency, consistency, gels and aerosols ability outside, still should pay attention to choose less dosage and thickening effect is good, it has good compatibility with body composition and does not produce phase separation, storage when not cause mildew and segregation of water soluble compounds.

The safty of thickeners:
In general, industrial thickener can not be used in food manufacturing. Food thickening agent commonly used in compliance with the following standards.

1. The national standard GB, GB/T.
2. Commercial voluntary standards: SB/T10016 standards.
3. Chinas national standards of using food additives GB2760-2011.

For example, in the cold drink, the state permits the use of additives in less than 30. Because of different crystals, sorbet, ice cream, ice cream, also have their own standard.

Frozen stick confection of composition, generally only water, sugar and additives, water should be 95%, content of additive should not exceed 5% of the total weight.

Ice cream and ice cream, have asked to total dry matter quantity, ice cream, total dry matter is 15% to 25% of total dry matter here refers to the milk, corn starch, caramel and sugar; Ice cream, total dry matter content of 25% to 40%, the total dry matter here refers to milk or milk.

By 2012, still not enough detailed standards about food additives, although each food additives within the stipulated content, but the content should be controlled in many food additives overlay, at present no specific standards of the state.

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