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Foods rich in taurine
Taurine can maintain brain activity and promote brain development, accelerate the proliferation and extension of neurons, and also help cells move in the brain and grow axons. Taurine has antioxidant effects and can reduce the damage to human cells. The generation of free radicals; taurine participates in the formation of bile, which can promote the digestion and absorption of fat and fat-soluble vitamins; taurine can promote the development, differentiation of the retina, and maintain the potential balance of cell membranes; taurine also has a detoxifying effect on the human body Health is essential.

At present, taurine, which is used as an infant milk powder additive, milk additive, seasoning additive and energy drink, accounts for more than 80% of the global total taurine production.

Foods rich in taurine

Animal food is the main source of taurine in the diet, especially in seafood; plants contain almost no taurine. Taurine has a small molecular weight and can be directly absorbed by the body in the small intestine.

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