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What is Glucose Powder
Glucose powder is a common drug in family. People will consume physical strength after exercise. They need to supplement energy, and glucose can play a good role. Glucose powder has a good effect and won the trust of patients. So, what are the functions and effects of glucose powder?

Glucose powder is a kind of nutritional medicine, which can replenish heat and body fluids. It can be used for the lack of food or loss of body fluids (such as vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) caused by various reasons. It can also be used for nutritional deficiency. The main component of glucose powder is glucose, which is also called corn glucose and corn sugar. Glucose is the most widely distributed and important monosaccharide in nature. It is a polyhydroxyaldehyde. Glucose plays an important role in the field of biology. It is the energy source of living cells and the intermediate product of metabolism, which is the main energy supply material of organisms. Plants produce glucose through photosynthesis. It is widely used in confectionery and medicine.

It is self-evident that the long-term, scientific and reasonable use of glucose powder can improve the physical quality of a nation. According to a Japanese statistics, the average height of Japanese teenagers increased by 14.8cm after World War II, which is inseparable from their scientific and reasonable use of gluconate microelements in food and drug manufacturing. In China, the well-known calcium gluconate injection, tablet and zinc gluconate oral liquid have important physiological and therapeutic functions. The hot sale of Juneng calcium and Butie oral liquid in China is a full verification.

To sum up, the usage and dosage of  glucose powder are oral. Take it with warm boiled water or mixed with beverage, 10-20g each time, as required. The human body does not eat glucose at ordinary times, and the body will not lack glucose, so it does not need to be supplemented at ordinary times. But when children are sick and refuse to eat, their physique is extremely weak. In order to ensure the need of basic metabolism heat of children, it is advisable to feed glucose for a short time.

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