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Application of Trisodium Phosphate

Sodium phosphate is commonly used as a softener and boiler cleaner in textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, power generation, chemical and other industries. It is also used as a metal rust remover, a sugar juice purifier and a coagulant for rubber latex. Phosphate has a wide range of applications, and phosphate fertilizer is one of its most important applications. Other areas include phosphate molecular sieves, electronics, materials, and biology. Trisodium phosphate is a very important phosphate. Industrial grade trisodium phosphate is used as a softener and detergent, a metal descaling agent and a boiler antiscaling agent in the chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, papermaking, power generation and other industries. It has the advantages of convenient use and low price. It can remove metal ions such as calcium, magnesium and iron from the water into corresponding insoluble phosphate precipitates and remove them from the water. Moreover, the excess trisodium phosphate can act on the generated boiler scale, which gradually becomes soft and falls off. It is capable of metal descaling and cleaning agent because trisodium phosphate can enhance the wetting ability of water in water and has a certain penetration and emulsification effect, so that the dirt on the metal surface can be effectively removed. In addition, trisodium phosphate can also be used as an acid-base buffer, a mercerizing enhancer, a coagulant, and a dye fixing agent. Solid anhydrous trisodium phosphate is commonly used in containment spray systems. Because it belongs to strong base weak acid salt, has strong alkalinity, and has high solubility in water, chemical stability, and long-term preservation. It is commonly used in safe shell spray system instead of sodium hydroxide to adjust the spray liquid. The p H value can effectively remove the iodine vapor released from the leaked cooling water into the containment, thus ensuring the safety of the personnel themselves. Food grade trisodium phosphate improves the coagulation and water retention of foods because its own alkalinity increases the pH and ionic strength of foods and increases the complex metal ions in foods.

Sodium salt is a major branch of China’s chemical industry. Industrial grade disodium phosphate and trisodium phosphate are one of the important product series of phosphate industry. Due to its special properties, it is widely used in modern industry, medicine, food, agriculture and animal husbandry, Oil, paper, detergent, ceramics and other fields. Trisodium phosphate is also known as sodium phosphate. Colorless crystal, easy to weather. When heated to 100 ° C, the crystal water is lost to be anhydrate, dissolved in water, and almost completely decomposed into disodium hydrogen phosphate and sodium hydroxide in the aqueous solution, and the solution is strongly alkaline. Used as a softener, sugar juice purifier, metal rust inhibitor, boiler cleaner and penicillin and other drug culture agents. It is prepared by adding caustic soda to the disodium hydrogen phosphate solution.

Due to the wide range of uses of sodium phosphate products, the market demand is large. At present, the industrial grade 85% acid plus soda ash is produced by thermal method, that is, yellow phosphorus, and the neutralization method is used. All the dozens of production enterprises in China now use this technology to produce. This product. The production process of this technology is highly polluted due to the serious pollution in the neutralization process of the main raw material, the yellow phosphorus thermal phosphoric acid, which is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry, and the production cost is also very high.


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