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High Fructose Syrup
Fructose syrup is a mixture of fructose, glucose and a small amount of other sugars. According to the different components, there are currently two varieties of F42 and F55 on the market.

High Fructose Syrup

The main difference between F42 syrup and F55 syrup is: a. During storage, in order to prevent the formation of syrup pigments, the finished product usually needs to be stored below 28 °C, and under this condition, F42 syrup will have glucose crystals. The optimum crystallization temperature is 5-10°C, and the crystallization temperature range is below 20°C. The F55 syrup can be stored in the range of 26-30 °C; b. The fructose and glucose components in the two are different.

Ingredients %    Type 42    Type 55    Type 90
Fructose    42    55    90
Glucose    52    40    7
Oligosaccharides    6    5    3
Concentration    71    77    80
The main components and properties of high fructose syrup are close to natural fruit juice, it has the fragrance of fruit, the sweetness of the taste is stronger than that of sucrose, it has a cool feeling, it has the flavor of honey and the sweetness is pure. The combination of fructose syrup and sucrose can increase the sweetness by 20-30%, and the sweetness is full and the flavor is better. At 10% sugar content, the sweetness of F42 fructose is 0.9-1 times that of sucrose, and the sweetness of F55 high fructose is equal to that of sucrose. At 20% sugar content, the sweetness of F42 fructose is roughly equal to that of sucrose, and the sweetness of F55 high fructose is 1.15 times that of sucrose.

Properties of Fructose Syrup

Fructose syrup has the characteristics of cold sweetness, which is determined by the characteristics of fructose. When the temperature is below 40 °C, the lower the temperature, the higher the sweetness of fructose, up to 1.73 times that of sucrose. Due to this property, fructose syrup is suitable for refreshing beverages and other cold food products.

The solubility of fructose is the highest among sugars. When the temperature is 20°C, 30°C, 40°C, and 50°C, the solubility of fructose is 1.88 times, 2.0 times, 2.3 times, and 3.1 times that of sucrose, respectively. The solubility of glucose is lower than that of sucrose. Fructose syrup solubility increases faster with temperature than sucrose

Glucose and fructose are both monosaccharides and have relatively stable pH values. Glucose is the most stable at pH 3.0, and fructose is the most stable at pH 3.3, so fructose syrup is more stable in some acidic foods.


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