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Sources of Sodium Acetate Anhydrous
It is a synthetic salt derived from acetic acid, although it occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues. The production of commercial food grade sodium acetate is mainly with the following two ways:

Neutralization acetic acid with sodium carbonate. Equation: CH3COOH + NaHCO3 → CH3COONa + H2O + CO2
Reaction calcium acetate with sodium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate. Equation: (CH3COO)2Ca + Na2SO4 → CH3COONa + CaSO4
Then follow the process of concentration, cooling and crystallization to obtain sodium acetate trihydrate.

Sodium acetate trihydrate (transparent crystalline powder or granular with a faint acetic odour) needs to be melted again to produce sodium acetate anhydrous (white hygroscopic powder or granular), and with the process such as centrifugation, drying and crystallization. (1)

Acetic acid will be obtained if hydrochloric acid is added to the sodium acetate solution. The following is the equation: CH3COONa + HCl = CH3COOH + NaCl

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