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Turmeric Yellow function

First, the antioxidant function, to anti-aging
UV skin aging is the culprit, UV will produce free radicals, which cause the skins collagen, elastin damage, so that the deterioration of the tightness of the skin, water retention down, dull and prone to wrinkles.
According to leading U.S. journals (J.Am.Chem.Soc) literature published in 1999, said: curcumin itself can be oxidized vitamin C and vitamin E, antioxidant capacity of curcumin that is higher than vitamin C and vitamin E and other antioxidants daily. Oxidative potency of curcumin, vitamin E is 1.60 times that of flavonoid antioxidants of 2.33 times more vitamin C, 2.75 times!
Because of a potent antioxidant, able to resist ultraviolet free radicals, thus Keyi reach the skin anti-aging effect, so called "oral skin care products."
Second, the capture of free radicals, reducing the threat of disease
Radicals is the formation of many chronic diseases and cancer of the important reasons, but also to human aging is the culprit.
Intramolecular electronic human cells are pairwise pairs, if there is a pair of electronic electronic "derailed" as odd, this molecule becomes arbitrary shuttling of "dangerous elements", it is "free radicals"! Free base will continue to disrupt normal cells, normal cells become abnormal, the body produces disease. Curcumin can capture free radicals, indirectly, have a preventive effect on many types of cancer, it is more known as a natural anticancer agent.
Third, enhance the defense function in vivo
South, who in 1997 conducted experiments on rabbits fed curcumin and found that the rabbit antibody in 5 weeks significantly increased the number, curcumin has shown to enhance the bodys defense capabilities.
Fourth, the invasion of environmental toxins in the body and
UV radiation can cause mutations in human genes, mainly due to ultraviolet light causes the body to produce SOS (umu C) caused by genetic error message, curcumin can inhibit the induction of umu C.
Fifth, with the gastrointestinal health effects, slow down the symptoms associated with chronic gastric ulcer
Gastric ulcer occurs mostly in small parts of the bend (junction of antrum and gastric body), part of the digestive tract cause is corrosion caused by gastric mucosal damage, resulting from erosion.
According to Mukherjee research indicates that curcumin can stimulate gastric secretion of mucin (Mucin), protect the gastric mucosa from damage, especially for chronic gastric ulcer quite effective.
Sixth, the abnormal proliferation inhibition of DNA, to the effectiveness of cancer prevention
Curcumin has a preventive effect for many types of cancer, including skin cancer, colon cancer, duodenal cancer, kidney cancer, prostate cancer and oral cancer.
Description of anti-cancer mechanism of action of curcumin
TPA inhibited the activity of TPA (12-0-teradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate) has a strong promoter (tumor promoter) capabilities, while curcumin was proven quite effective in inhibiting the ability of TPA tumor promotion.
Inhibit the activity of NOS NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase) causes the body cells to produce undesirable metabolites, these products will attack the DNA molecule caused tumor promotion. Because curcumin can inhibit NOS activity, so the effectiveness of the prevention of cancer.
Oncogene C-Jun can inhibit the performance of C-Jun in the transmission of messages to the cells caused by cancer-promoting role to play key role in transcription, curcumin can inhibit the expression of this gene provides the molecular basis of anti-cancer curcumin theory.
Can cause cancer cells withered death (apoptosis) is the organizations approach to control the number of cells, but no effect on normal cells are more so with chemical anti-cancer agent curcumin (Chemopreventive agent) of the effect.


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