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Honghao Group with production, research and development and trade, and the combination of for the global food industry supply all kinds of Phosphate. The companys product quality and service has enjoyed a good reputation at home and abroad, we produce Phosphate,Phosphate supplier,sodium phosphate,phosphate food: High quality products,Professional support,Total solution for food,Reasonable price,Credible friendly!

Uses:1, used as a clarifying agent in food and beverage, sour agents, yeast nutrients, preparation of food-grade phosphate
2,used as flavoring; for canned food, liquid, solid drinks and soft drinks sour agent, can replace citric acid, malic acid; in beer saccharification process, can replace the lactic acid to adjust the PH value; sugar for the sugar industry to clarify agent; wine yeast nutrients used to prevent bacteria breeding; flour for improvers, but also widely used in high precision electronics industry, medicine industry.

Appearance: colorless, transparent or slightly colored viscous liquid

Physical Properties
City sales 85% phosphoric acid is a colorless, transparent or slightly colored, thick liquid. Melting point of 42.35 ℃. Boiling point 213 ℃ (the loss of H2O), pyrophosphate is generated. Heated to 300 ℃ into metaphosphoric acid. Pure product is colorless transparent viscous liquid or rhombic crystals, odorless, taste very sour. The relative density of d181.834. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. The acidic than sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid is weak, but more acetic acid, boric acid and other weak acid strong. Concentrated phosphoric acid when heated in a porcelain erosion. Hygroscopicity.Can stimulate the skin with inflammation, destruction of body tissue.

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