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Little knowledge of food additives

According to 1962 FAO / WHO Food Power Commission (CAC) of the definition of food additives, food additives, refer to: In food manufacturing, processing, adjusting, handling, packaging, transport, custody, to meet the technical purpose of the added material. Food additives as auxiliary components can be directly or indirectly as food ingredients, but can not affect the characteristics of food is not free of pollutants in order to improve the material for the purpose of Food and Nutrition.

Chinas "food additive use of health standards" will be divided into 22 categories: (1) preservatives (2) antioxidants (3) hair color agent (4) bleach (5) sour agent (6) coagulant (7) osteoporosis agents (8) thickener (9) Defoamer (10) Sweeteners (11) coloring agent (12) emulsifier (13) quality improver (14) anti-caking agent (15) food additive (16 ) enzyme (17) cover film (18) foam (19) Preservatives (20) Spices (21) Fortified (22) Other additives.
In order to ensure the correct use of food additives to food, in general, their use should follow the following principles:
1. The safety evaluation of food toxicology proved limited in their use of long-term use within the human safe.

2. Does not affect the sensory properties of food itself and the physical and chemical indicators of the nutritional components without damaging.

3. Food Additives should be The Peoples Republic of China Ministry of Health issued and approved by the Executives use of health standards and quality standards.

4. Food additives should be clear in the application test method.

5. Use of food additives shall not cover food spoilage or mixed, adulterated, counterfeit purposes.

6. May not operate and the use of non-health permits, compliance and pollution-free product testing deterioration of food additives.

7. Food additives used in a certain destination, can be processed, cooked or stored have been destroyed or removed, not intake the body is more secure.

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