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Where can buy high quality Taurine

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The main function of taurine on the human body in the following areas:

1 for infant brain and mental development; 2 to improve visual function and nerve conduction; 3 to prevent cardiovascular disease; 4 affect lipid absorption; 5 to improve the endocrine status, and enhance immune; 6 affect glucose metabolism; 7 inhibited the incidence of cataract development; .9 maintain normal reproductive function; taurine control iron-deficiency anemia have a significant effect, not only can promote intestinal absorption of iron, can increase the red cell membrane stability; taurine or human intestinal Bifidobacterium factor of growth-promoting bacteria, intestinal bacteria population structure optimization; also has antioxidant, anti-aging effect; can contribute to acute hepatitis and normal; has a protective effect against carbon tetrachloride poisoning, and thus can be caused by inhibition of serum alanine elevated enzyme specifically ammonia. Of renal toxicity has a protective effect of taurine on cisplatin-induced renal tubular epithelial cells in rabbit primary changes have a protective effect; also reported that taurine can be sedative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory, for frostbite, KCN poisoning and partial headaches also have a preventive effect.

Taurine , also known as 2 - amino acid B, the first by a Bezoar to separate, so named. Pure product is colorless or white rhombic crystals, odorless, chemically stable, soluble in organic solvents such as ether, is a sulfur-containing non-protein amino acids, exist in the body in the free state, the body does not participate in protein biosynthesis. Although taurine is not involved in protein synthesis, but it and cystine, cysteine ​​metabolism are closely related. Body synthesis of taurine cysteine ​​sulfite carboxylase enzyme (CSAD) activity is low, mainly rely on the Taurine intake of food to meet body needs.

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