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Turkey Foodist 2012
 Date: Dec, 6th-8th
 Address: Istanbul TUYAP Exhibition Centre
 Organizers: Tuyap Exhibition Group
 Support units: the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, Cereal Produce Association of Turkey, the Turkish Foreign Trade Food Association

 Dairy products: milk, cheese, cheese, butter, yogurt, milk, sweets
 Poultry products: poultry, livestock and halal meat, seafood, eggs
 Frozen food: meat, fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pastries
 The bread class: flour, cake
 Dessert, chocolate: candy, chewing gum, Turkey, fudge, jam, sesame, cocoa beans
 Cereals, legumes: wheat, millet, chickpeas, lentils, etc.
 Oil: liquid, solid oil, olive oil class
 Beverages (including alcoholic and non-alcoholic) Tea, coffee: teabag, tea, instant coffee, coffee mate invasion
 Cooked food: cooked, canned food, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise, spices
 Fresh fruit and vegetable
 Honey class
 Baby food: cooked food, milk powder, baby biscuits
 Organic Food
 Food Additives

 International markets including FOODist 2011 radiation has close economic and trade relations with Turkeys neighboring countries, such as the Balkans, the Black Sea and the Caucasus, Europe, West Asia and Central Asia, East and North Africa. Simultaneously FOODist is also an important part of the domestic market in Turkey, it is an important part of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture, "Agriculture and Rural Work Plan, the year across the country, aimed at promoting the provinces large quantities of retail business.
 FOODist large-scale area of ​​nearly 40,000 square 2010 amounted to more than 600 domestic and foreign exhibitors, attracting exhibitors from 53 countries such as Georgia, Greece, Germany and Bulgaria over 18,934 people. The FOODist professional Exhibits fine, large species of sixteen kinds, each species have detailed breakdown, and at the show site, marked in different colors, eye-catching.

 FOODist closer to the local people of Turkey, the exhibition is part of the work plan of the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture has been the strong support of the government. Prior to the show, the show and after the show has a strong publicity of the scheme in the local Turkish last year will continue after the show. This is a good opportunity for the development of the local Turkish market.

Current state of the industry:
 1. 25,000 companies in the food market in Turkey, nearly 500,000 employees and $ 200 billion of output value, is the fourth largest market in Europe.
 The financial crisis sweeping the 2009 Turkish food and beverage industry growth of 3.0%, the largest growth industry in Europe.
 3 food and beverage industry to occupy 13.4% of the share of manufacturing in Europe.
 4 Turkish food and beverage industry is the industry of Turkeys few exports than imports, exports of $ 3.6 billion in 2000 to grow to $ 10.5 billion by 2009.
 The Turkish household consumption test results show that the food and beverage expenses as a percentage of household spending, reaching 22.6% of total household expenditure.

 As early as in the 1990s, Turkey and the EU signed a Customs trade and economic cooperation agreement, all the product of the "Made in Turkey" is equivalent to "Made in Europe", the brand value of many companies upgrade chips. Turkey is not only close ties with the EU, trade with Russia and other neighboring countries are also very close, Russia and Turkey plan to five years, the bilateral trade volume to U.S. $ 100 billion.
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