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Soybeans, is the highest in the beans nutritional value in one hundred varieties, kind of natural food, it topped the list contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acid, DuoZhong trace elements, vitamin and high quality protein. Soybean rich in protein, and contains a complete, especially rich in amino acid lysine, just added the grain of the weakness of lysine, so should with GuDou mix food, make protein complementary. Soybean contains calcium, phosphorus, children, the elderly to prevent rachitic susceptibility to osteoporosis and nervous breakdown and body is very fitting for the virtual.


In China, Fooding is a professional exporter of food additives, also is a supplier. We can assure our products' quality and low prices to our customers. Soybean series is one of a food additive. We have many kinds of Soybean series, such as: Soy fibre, Soy peptide, Soy protein isolated so on.


The company has Soybean Series: Soy fibre,Soy peptide,Soy Protein Isolated,Soya Lecithin for your choice.

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