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High quality Trisodium phosphate

1, the physical and chemical properties: Alias ​​twelve water, sodium phosphate, formula Na3PO4-12H2O, molecular weight 380.12, colorless or white crystals. The relative density of 1.62 (20 ℃). Melting Point 73.3 ~ 76.7 ℃ (decomposition). Soluble in water, its solution is strongly alkaline; not soluble in ethanol, carbon disulfide. Heated to 100 ℃, 11 crystal water loss from monohydrate (Na3PO4 · H2O), and then heated to 212 ℃ above the anhydrous trisodium phosphate into. In dry air easily weathered, have a solution on the skin erosion.
2, Usage: used as detergents, tanning agents, hard water softeners, boiler scale remover.
3 ,quality indicators: chemical industry standard HG / T 2517-93; American National Standard ANSI PH4.234-1986
4, using the method: the object by using different concentrations of aqueous diluted before use.
5 , Note: Store in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse. Storage and transportation to avoid moisture and heat. Should be stored away from toxic substances. Loading and unloading when gently packaging to prevent breakage. Fire, water, sand and all kinds of fire extinguisher.


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