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Honghao Grop as a food additive manufacturer,we product STPP for many years.We ensure the quality of STPP.Sodium tripolyphosphate (STPP) may also serves as a softener or densifier in foodstuff industry.


Sodium tripolyphosphate is an indispensable good detergent additives, the majority of detergent content of 10 to 50%. Its main role can be summarized as follows.
1 improve the plastic melting, emulsifying and dispersing effect: dirt often contain body secretions (mainly protein and fat substances), also from the outside with sand, dust and so on. And sodium tripolyphosphate with a swelling of the protein, solubilization and play peptization effect; of fatty substances can play a catalytic role in emulsification; dispersion of suspended solid particles, there are effects.
2 buffer: sodium tripolyphosphate with more alkaline buffer, the washing solution pH maintained at 9.4 or so, thus contributing to the removal of acidic dirt.
3 to prevent the agglomeration effects: has a hygroscopic powder synthetic detergent, such as storage in high humidity areas, agglomeration will occur. Agglomeration of the detergent used is extremely inconvenient. And sodium tripolyphosphate hexahydrate formed after water, with dry properties. When the detergent formulations, when a large number of sodium tripolyphosphate, you can play to prevent moisture absorption caused by agglomeration, to keep the dry granular synthetic detergent.

4 pair of metal ion chelation: the daily washing water, in general, contain caused by hard metal ions (mainly Ca2, Mg2). In the washing process, they will work with soap or detergent actives in the formation of insoluble metal salts, so that not only increase the consumption of detergent and fabric washed with the unpleasant dark gray. Sodium tripolyphosphate with a hard metal ion chelation caused by the high performance, thereby eliminating the adverse effects of these metal ions.

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