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High quality Sodium pyrophosphate

Pyrophosphate (7722-88-5) fine for dyeing bleaching agent, quality improver for soft water agent, a complexing metal ions to improve food, pH, ionic strength increased the role, thus improving food Results focus and water holding capacity.
Chinas regulations for dairy products, poultry and fish products, meat products, ice cream and instant noodles, the maximum use of 5.0g/kg; in canned food, fruit juice (flavored) drinks, and the largest plant protein drinks use of 1.0g/kg. Brightener compound used for potato starch, the maximum usage 0.025g/kg.

Used as water softeners, emulsifiers, metal detergent, boiler water treatment chemicals, drilling mud viscosity regulating agents, CAS No. 13472-36-1


Physical and Chemical Properties
White powder or crystal. Relative density 2.534, melting point 880 ℃, boiling point 93.8 ℃, specific gravity 2.534. Colorless or white crystalline powder. Soluble in water, 20 ℃ at 100g water solubility of 6.23, the solution is alkaline; insoluble in alcohol. Aqueous solution is still stable at below 70 ℃, boiling the hydrolysis of disodium hydrogen phosphate. Weathering in dry air, lose crystal water at 100 ℃. Easy to absorb moisture in the air and deliquescence. And alkaline earth metal ions can form complexes; encounter with Ag + pyrophosphate generated white silver.


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