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Nutrition enhancers is to point to to the body in the food can provide energy, and body composition and tissue repair and physiological function to regulate the composition of learning. Those who could maintain human health and provide growth, development and do all kinds of material are called to nutrients. Human body could be known as the nutrition of protein, fat, sugar, minerals, vitamins, water and so on six classes. Source: nutrients including protein more food, fat food, including more carbohydrate more food, contain vitamin more food.

In China, F is a professional exporter of food additives, also is a supplier. We can assure our products' quality and low prices to our customers. Nutrition enhancers is one of a food additive. We have many kinds of Nutrition enhancers, such as: Alpha-lipoic acid,  caffeine anhydrous, calcium caseinate so on.


The company has Nutrition enhancers:Alpha-lipoic acid,Caffeine Anhydrous,Calcium Caseinate,Calcium citrates,Chitosan,Chondroitin Sulphate,Creatine Monohydrate,DL-Alanine,Functional red yeast rice,Glucosamine,Glycine,Inositol,L-Alanine,L-Arginine Base,L-Arginine HCL,L-Carnitine,L-Carnitine hydrochloride,L-Carnitine Tartrate,L-Leucine,L-Lysine monohydrochloride,L-lysne,L-Proline,L-Serine,L-Threonine,L-Tyrosine,MSM,Pumpkin Powder,Taurine for your choice.

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