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L-Glutamic Acid

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L-Glutamic Acid, CAS# 56-86-0, is one of many non-essential amino acids that are produced in the body. Downstream derivatives of L-glutamic acid include salts and carboxylate anions, also known as glutamates. Glutamates and other L-glutamic acid derivatives are used in foods, flavorings, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products.

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L-Glutamic Acid

  • E No:E620
  • CAS No:56-86-0
  • Einecs No:200-293-7
  • HS Code:29224210
  • Routine Packing:25 kg/bag
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,Iso
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao
  • Applications:L-Glutamic Acid is often used as a food additive and flavour enhancer in the form of its sodium salt, monosodium glutamate.
    1. L-Glutamic Acid has been implicated in epileptic seizures.
    2. Free glutamic acid is present in a wide variety of foods.
    3. All meats, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, as well as are excellent sources of glutamic acid.
    4. Auxigro is a plant growth preparation that contains 30% glutamic acid.
  • Tel: +86-21-50321522
  • Fax: +86-21-51069122
  • Email:
  • Product Information

    Product Description
    Safety Ratings Key
    Gluten free


    SPECIFICATION (Food/ Cosmetic grade)

    Physical Appearance

    White to off-white, free-flow powders

    Purity (gamma-PGA)

    92% (by HPLC)

    Molecular Weight

    700 kD (by GPC/HPLC)

    LD(Loss on Drying)

    10% max., by automatic infrared analyzer



    Clarity, OD400

    (4% aq. sol’n)

    0.13 max. (Cosmetic Grade: 0.07 max.)

    Heavy metals

    Total as Pb: 15 ppm max.

    TPC (CFU/g)

    3,000 max. (Cosmetic Grade 500 max.)





    Particle size

    100% pass 100 mesh


    About L-Glutamic Acid

    L-Glutamic acid occurs naturally in many protein-rich foods and is typically used as a flavoring agent when added to food products in its crystalline salt state, Monosodium Glutamate-MSG. Although L-glutamic acid is naturally present in numerous foods that contain protein, it cannot be tasted in these foods unless it is unbound (i.e. not part of a long protein chain). In its unbound form, L-glutamic acid is gives off the taste known as umami, which is a rich and savory flavor tasted at the back of the tongue.

    L-Glutamic acid is a member of the amino acids chemical family, and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Long protein chains typically comprise several different amino acids, and each type of amino acid has different properties and effects. Many amino acids are essential amino acids, meaning that they are not produced in the body and must be obtained from other sources (protein-rich foods are sources of essential amino acids). L-glutamic acid is a non-essential amino acid because it is produced naturally in the body.

    Application field

    Product type

    Biochemical functionality

    Food industry


    Viscosity enhancement for liquid products

    Texture enhancer

    Texture improvement for bakery products and noodles

    Animal feed supplement

    Facilitating minerals absorption, improving bone growth, egg-shell strength, and albumin firmness, decreasing body fat


    Nutrition supplement

    Facilitating calcium absorption, improving osteoporosis conditions

    Medical treatment

    Controlled release drug carrier, medical bondage

    Biocompatible carrier for cancer drug, gene therapy



    Improving skin-care quality, reducing skin wrinkle conditions

    Water treatment

    Heavy metal absorbent

    Removal of heavy metals and radionuclide

    Wastewater treatment

    Biopolymer flocculants

    Substitute for polyacrylamide or PAC


    Increase the quality and quantity of plants, Soil improvement, Seed coating

    Inhibitor, anti-pathogen,

    High water absorbent

    References on L-Glutamic Acid

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    [2]. Gao LJ, De Jonghe S, Daelemans D, Herdewijn P. l-Aspartic and l-glutamic acid ester-based ProTides of anticancer nucleosides: Synthesis and antitumoral evaluation. Bioorg Med Chem Lett. 2016 Mar 22. pii: S0960-894X(16)30307-9.

    [3]. Qi H, Coplen TB, Mroczkowski SJ, Brand WA, Brandes L, Geilmann H, Schimmelmann A. A new organic reference material, l-glutamic acid, USGS41a, for δ(13) C and δ(15) N measurements - a replacement for USGS41. Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom. 2016 Apr 15;30(7):859-66.

    [4]. Perdomo D, Manich M, Syan S, Olivo-Marin JC, Dufour AC, Guillén N. Intracellular traffic of the lysine and glutamic acid rich protein KERP1 reveals features of endomembrane organization in Entamoeba histolytica. Cell Microbiol. 2016 Feb 9.


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