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Home Sweeteners Maltodextrin
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Maltodextrin is used as a food additive. It is derived from starch and is found as a white hygroscopic spray-dried powder. Maltodextrin is commonly used for the production of sodas and candy.  Maltodextrin is a white powder often used in processed foods as a thickener or a filler. Maltodextrin contains fewer calories than sugar. Fooding has Maltodextrin DE15/20/30 for sale.

Fooding is a Maltodextrin Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers in China. You can inquiry Maltodextrin gluten price by email us: or leave message on the Fooding web. Fooding ensure you can buy Maltodextrin with a good Maltodextrin price.

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  • E No:E1400
  • CAS No:9050-36-6
  • Einecs No:232-940-4
  • HS Code:1702300000
  • Routine Packing:25kg
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,ISO
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Qingdao
  • Applications:(1). Confection
    (2). Beverages
    (3). In fast foods
    (4). In tinned foods
    (5). In chemical and pharmaceutical industries
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  • Fax: +86-21-51069122
  • Email:
  • Product Information

    Product Description
    Safety Ratings Key
    Gluten free



    Appearance White or light yellow shadow powder
    Odour With special odour of maltodextrin
    Moisture 6% MAX
    DE(dextrose equivalent) value 10-15,15-20,20-25,25-30
    PH 4.5-6.5
    Solubility 98% MIN
    Sulphated Ash% ≤0.6%
    Heavy metal  
    Arsenic content ≤0.5mg/kg
    Lead content ≤0.5mg/kg
    Coliforms 30/100g MAX
    Pathogenic bacteria Negative
    Total bacteria 1000/g MAX


    About Maltodextrin
    CAS No. 9050-36-6

    EINECS No.: 232-940-4
    Molecular formula: C6nH(10n+2)O(5n+1)

    Maltodextrin consists of D-glucose units connected in chains of variable length. The glucose units are primarily linked with α(1→4) glycosidic bonds. Maltodextrin is typically composed of a mixture of chains that vary from three to seventeen glucose units long.

    Maltodextrins are classified by DE (dextrose equivalent) and have a DE between 3 to 20. The higher the DE value, the shorter the glucose chains, the higher the sweetness, the higher the solubility and the lower heat resistance. Above DE 20, the European Unions CN code calls it glucose syrup, at DE 10 or lower the customs CN code nomenclature classifies maltodextrins as dextrins.

    Maltodextrin can be enzymatically derived from any starch. In the US, this starch is usually corn; in Europe, it is commonly wheat. While wheat-derived maltodextrin may cause concern for individuals suffering from gluten intolerance, maltodextrin is such a highly processed ingredient that the majority of the protein is removed, rendering it effectively gluten-free. If wheat is used to make maltodextrin, it will appear on the label. Even so, the maltodextrin itself will be gluten-free.

    Maltodextrin is sometimes used in beer brewing to increase the specific gravity of the final product.This improves the mouthfeel of the beer and reduces the dryness of the drink. Maltodextrin is not fermented by the yeast and has no flavor.


    Application of Maltodextrine:

    1.Improving the tase,tenacity and the structure of foods;,Preventing recrystallization and extending shelf life.

    2. The beverages are scientifically prepared with Maltodextrin,which add flavor,soluble,consistent and delicious,and reduce sweet taste and cost. There are more advantages of these kinds of beverages than that of the traditional drinks and foods such as ice-cream,fast tea and coffee etc.

    3. As a nice stuffing or carrier,it can be used in infant foods for impr oving their quality and heath care function. It is beneficial to child ren and infants.

    4. Maltodextrin can be used in paper making industries as a bond materials because it has good fluidity and strong cohesion-tension. The quality,structure and shape of the paper can be improved.

    5. Matodextrine can be used in cosmetic that may have more effect to protect skin with more luster and elasticity. In Toothpaste prod uction,it can be used as a substitute for CMC.The dispersivity and stability of pesticides will be increased. It is a good excipient and stuffing material in pharmacon making.

    6. It can help the maintenance of the original color and luster,add some flavor.

    7. Maltodextrin is also widely used in other fields besides the foods industries.

    References on Maltodextrin

    [1]. Stegues CG, Arthur RA, Hashizume LN. Effect of the association of maltodextrin and sucrose on the acidogenicity and adherence of cariogenic bacteria. Arch Oral Biol. 2016 May;65:72-6.

    [2]. Miyazato S, Kishimoto Y, Takahashi K, Kaminogawa S, Hosono A. Continuous intake of resistant maltodextrin enhanced intestinal immune response through changes in the intestinal environment in mice. Biosci Microbiota Food Health. 2016;35(1):1-7.

    [3]. Akhavan Mahdavi S, Jafari SM, Assadpoor E, Dehnad D. Microencapsulation optimization of natural anthocyanins with maltodextrin, gum Arabic and gelatin. Int J Biol Macromol. 2016 Apr;85:379-85.

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    T/T or LC.

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    Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days.

    3. How about the packing?

    Usually we provide the packing as 25 kg / bag or carton. Of course, if you have special requirements on them, we will according to you.

    4. How about the validity of the Maltodextrin?

    According to the Maltodextrin you ordered.

    5, What is the MOQ of Maltodextrin ?

    Different products have different MOQ, for Maltodextrin , the MOQ is 1000kg.

    6, What is the price of Maltodextrin ?

    Fooding has been corporate with many Maltodextrin manufacturers for several years, we can provide you with best price of Maltodextrin.

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    We can guarantee to reply your inquiries of Maltodextrin in one working days.

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    Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificat and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.

    9. What is loading port?

    Usually is Shanghai or Qingdao.


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