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Sodium Gluconate

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Sodium gluconate is the sodium salt of gluconic acid. It has E number E576. Sodium gluconate is soluble in cold water and hot water. It is only partially soluble in methanol and ethanol. Sodium gluconate is used in electroplating and metal finishing because of its strong affinity for metal ions.

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Sodium gluconate Applications in Food:
1. Dairy products 2. Diet food 3. Herb and spice blends 4. Meat products

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Sodium Gluconate

  • CAS No:527-07-1
  • Einecs No:208-407-7
  • Routine Packing:25 kg/bag
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,Iso
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qindao
  • Applications:Sodium Gluconate Calcium Gluconate is made from fish extracts in deep sea, it contains rich OMEGA-3 the unsaturated fatty acid. DHA and EPA are the main ingredients of the product,they have a preventive effect on cardiovascular disease and thrombopoiesis,and efficacy of anti-aging and brain healthcare.
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  • Fax: +86-21-51069122
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  • Product Information

    Product Description
    Safety Ratings Key
    Gluten free


    Sodium Gluconate
    Item   Specifications
    Appearance White Crystalline powder or granular
    Molecular Weight 218.14
    Molecular Formula C6H11NaO7
    Melting Point(Celsius) 206-209
    Content ≥98%
    PH 6.2-7.8
    Reducing Sugars ≤1.0 %
    Loss on drying ≤1.0 %
    Chloride ≤ 0.07 %
    Sulfonate ≤ 0.05 %
    Heavy metal  
    Arsenic content ≤ 0.0003 %
    Lead content ≤ 0.001 %


    About Sodium Gluconate

    1, for medicine, regulating acid-base balance of the body to restore normal nerve function, sodium and capacity to maintain extracellular osmotic pressure, regulate acid-base balance of normal neuromuscular function play an important role. This product can effectively prevent the occurrence of low sodium syndrome. For the same purpose, used in food additives

    2, used as water quality stabilizer: sodium gluconate as excellent corrosion and scale effect, it is widely used in water quality stabilizer, such as oil and chemical companies circulating cooling water system, low pressure boilers, internal combustion engine cooling water system treatment chemicals . Its superiority in:
      a. the coordination obvious effect. For molybdenum, silicon, phosphorus, tungsten, nitrite and other formulations, as the coordination effect of corrosion inhibition effect is greatly increased.
      b. Corrosion rates increase with rising temperature. General corrosion inhibition efficiency increased with increasing temperature decrease, or even useless. However, sodium gluconate on the contrary, corrosion rate within a certain range increase with increasing temperature, for example, carbon steel and other materials for the test, the temperature from 77 ℃ F at up to 120 ℃ F, the average rate of 5% buffer or more. Therefore, sodium gluconate this strange feature, the system of higher temperatures from cryogenic to high temperature or variable temperature system, is ideal as a corrosion inhibitor.
      c. ability scale: for calcium, magnesium, iron salts are highly complex, and they scale are strong, especially for Fe3 + has excellent chelation, even in a role within the whole range of PH.
      d. pollution. Using sodium gluconate as the circulating cooling water corrosion inhibitor, to pollution, which is currently used by other corrosion inhibitor incomparable advantages.

    3, steel surface cleaning agent used: steel surface plated bowl as needed, chrome, tin, nickel plated to meet special purposes, such as the manufacture of tinplate, galvanized plate, chrome-plated (electrical degrees), with its billet surface is required After rigorous washing, the surface of the coating material with a solid combination of steel, this time adding the cleaning agent is sodium gluconate will achieve the desired results. This has been a big international company manufacturing tinplate confirmed.

    4, special cleaning agent for glass: with sodium gluconate as the main cleaning agent formulations of glass to improve the professional the following common problems: detergent is not strong, easy to plug the bottle washer nozzle and pipe; posted on the bottle and bottleneck is not the ideal force to dye rust; washed trace residues on food security is not ideal (such as phosphate residues); wash water discharge pollution into (can not meet the state standard).
    5, in the construction industry as a reducing agent, retarder: add a certain amount of cement in the sodium gluconate, the increase of plasticity and strength of concrete, and there is blocking, that is, the initial and final delay concrete coagulation time. Also can be used for electroplating, film making and many other industries, very broad application prospects.
    Storage and transport:

    Store in a dry ventilated place, should pay attention to moisture and moisture. Long-term storage without deterioration, if any lumps, crushed or dissolved not affect the results.

    This product is nontoxic, is non-inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. The use of cars, trains can transport.

    Industry generally contain glucose substances (such as grain) as raw materials, fermentation of glucose obtained first by gluconic acid, sodium hydroxide and then by the ongoing and can get sodium gluconate, and oxide electrolysis can be applied synthesized by chemical oxidation of our most - times the production of bromine oxide synthesis enzyme according to the different types of fermentation, fermentation can be divided into two minutes, an enzyme with Aspergillus Niger, another acid, with the latter rule Glucose dehydrogenation in the formation of lactones, and then the ester decomposition.
    Sodium gluconate can also be derived directly from glucose fermentation. At this point, the composition of the fermentation-based support for: glucose 250 ~ 350G / L, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate 0.2 ~ 0.3G / L, urea, diammonium phosphate, or 0.4 to 0.5 g / l. The substrate must be sterilized fermentation process, the temperature control of 30-32 degrees, PH with 30% to 50% sodium hydroxide to 5.5-6.5 ways to control the fermentation process lasted 40 ~ 100H. then by filtration and washing to remove micro-organisms, active carbon, then filtered, concentrated or spray drying results derived products.

    Safety and health and protection
    Sodium gluconate non-toxic. Present in water and sodium gluconate chelate formation with heavy metal ions, through the normal biological treatment quickly and completely degraded. Released during the degradation of the heavy metal ions can be removed by precipitation, or adsorption on the wastewater treatment process on the formation of sludge is removed.

    References on Sodium Gluconate

    [1]. Saleem TH, Attya AM, Ahmed EA, Ragab SM, Ali Abdallah MA, Omar HM. Possible Protective Effects of Quercetin and Sodium Gluconate Against Colon Cancer Induction by Dimethylhydrazine in Mice. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 2015;16(14):5823-8.

    [2]. Banipal PK, Singh V, Aggarwal N, Banipal TS. Hydration behaviour of some mono-, di-, and tri-saccharides in aqueous sodium gluconate solutions at (288.15, 298.15, 308.15 and 318.15)K: volumetric and rheological approach. Food Chem. 2015 Feb 1;168:142-50.

    [3]. Lu F, Wang Z, Zhao W, Chu J, Zhuang Y. A simple novel approach for real-time monitoring of sodium gluconate production by on-line physiological parameters in batch fermentation by Aspergillus niger. Bioresour Technol. 2016 Feb;202:133-41.

    [4]. Ma D, Meng L, Chen Y, Hu M, Chen Y, Huang C, Shang J, Wang R, Guo Y, Yang J. NaGdF4:Yb(3+)/Er(3+)@NaGdF4:Nd(3+)@Sodium-Gluconate: Multifunctional and Biocompatible Ultrasmall Core-Shell Nanohybrids for UCL/MR/CT Multimodal Imaging. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2015 Aug 5;7(30):16257-65.


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